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Council meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of every month. Please refer to the Meeting Schedule for 2018 below for dates and locations.

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Ordinary Meeting Agenda

The current Barcoo Shire Council was sworn in on the 14 May 2012 and is comprised of four Councillors and a Mayor, who were elected by eligible voters in the Barcoo Shire. Below are each Councillors profiles, contact details and statements of interests of each elected representative (signatures have been covered for security reasons).

For an interactive map of electorate boundary, please see Electoral Commission Queensland.

Cr Julie Groves, Mayor

Cr Julie GrovesLongreach was home until my marriage to Ian in 1978. I then moved down the river to make Barcoo Shire our home. Ancestors on two sides were early settlers in the Windorah (briefly), Jundah and Stonehenge areas, so the area was familiar to me.

Being new blood in a small community, (husband a local), I instantly became an office bearer on local committees! Our family grew to four children and 16 years of teaching via Distance Ed slotted in, along with all helping run our grazing property.

Since 1986 our family have worked together to turn 'Haughton Vale', Jundah, into our home. We run cattle, with some sheep.

I appreciate being part of a small community for the friendships and enrichment this brings. During my one term as a councillor I especially enjoyed the opportunities provided, through outside networking, to enhance services into our community. Away from working on our property and community work, I relax with gardening and craft.

I am looking forward to serving my term of office. My main goal is to work as part of a team to enhance the quality of life for residents of Barcoo Shire, through lobbying for reliable, equitable and affordable services enjoyed by main-stream Australia including: Health; Roads; Digital TV; Telecommunications; Electricity supply

Phone: 07 4658 6902
Home: 07 4658 5985
Mobile: 0448 081 222 (NB: no coverage in Shire)

Download Register of Interest - Cr J Groves (pdf)

Cr Michael Pratt, Deputy Mayor

Cr Michael PrattCr Michael Pratt has served Barcoo Shire as a councillor since 2005.

He moved to the area in 1996 after 15 years at Richmond managing a company property. He now owns Waroona and Bellfield near Stonehenge, running 2,500 Brahman cattle and 4,000 sheep.

He is married to Sue and has three children, Jessica, Ross and Claire.

His goals as a councillor at Barcoo Shire are to:

  • serve with honesty, dignity, impartiality and accountability
  • be part of a team striving to achieve a higher standard of living for all residents living and/or working within the Shire
  • enjoy the experience

Phone: 07 4658 5939

Download Register of Interest - Cr M Pratt (pdf)

Cr Ian Groves

Cr Ian GrovesI was born in Mackay in 1956 and lived all my life within Barcoo Shire, or along the boundaries. I married Julie in 1978 and we have four adult children. We purchased 'Haughton Vale', Jundah, from my family in 1986 and we have made this into our home.

Along with observing differing environments and the effects on livestock industry, another interest is doing short road trips, mainly within Queensland, looking at different regions and lifestyles.

First elected to Council in 2008 and recently elected for second term. During my next term I hope to see the fulfilment of current works in progress and budgeted items.

Phone: 07 4658 5985
Mobile: 0428 585 985

Download Register of Interest - Cr I Groves (pdf)

Cr Peter Batt

Cr Peter BattBorn Winton 5th July 1958. 

Married Donna, August 1980 and have four children. Amanda, James, Roger and David. 

 Shearing contractor in the Richmond district for 14years and bought Eldwick in November 1989. 

 Enjoys life in general and likes to relax reading and watching any type of sport. 

 Hopes to serve the community to the best of his ability and to continue to maintain good roads and services to the shire.

Phone: 07 4958 5942

Download Register of Interest - Cr P Batt (pdf)

Cr Craig Lasker

I was born in Armidale NSW in 1966 and left school in 1981. Craig Lasker

Worked in NT for 2 years, remainder of my life I have worked in Queensland, except for going to the Kimberly Region of WA for 2 years with my partner Nicky Smith.

Myself and partner Nicky were transferred to ‘Mooraberree’ Station, outside Windorah, in 2000. We have been on ‘Morney Plains’ Station, Windorah, since 2001 and still remain there with our children.

Being elected for the first time in 2012 and having spent as much time working and living in the Barcoo Shire, I believe I could be of assistance to the local community.

Phone: 07 4656 4955

Download Register of Interest - Cr C Lasker (pdf)