Each year, Barcoo Shire Council adopts an Operational Plan which identifies activities that work toward achieving the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the Corporate Plan. The Operational Plan also provides the framework for Council to prepare it's Annual Budget.

The Barcoo Shire Council was established on 31 March 1903 after the previous Barcoo Divisional Board was abolished.

The Barcoo Shire Council administers local government within the shire in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009. The Council provides public municipal and rural services, is responsible for local planning and policy, fosters regional social and economic development and maintains a significant road construction and maintenance business.

Barcoo Shire incorporates the towns of Jundah, Stonehenge and Windorah, and covers an expanse of 61,974 sq km. The population of the shire is approximately 340. The administration centre of Barcoo Shire is 220 km south of Longreach in the township of Jundah.


The Corporate Plan 2016 - 2021 sets Council's collective vision and expectations for the next five years. It allows all residents of the shire to have input, through their elected Councillors, towards the enhancement of the lifestyle, health, wellbeing and prosperity of the community.

This is a living plan, which will be reviewed and revised by Council over time to reflect the changing needs and priorities of the community.

Councillors and staff are very aware that this organisation only exists for the benefit of the residents of the shire and the provision of facilities and services tot he community.

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