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Cooper’s Creek

Camp under majestic river red gums lining the waterhole, throw a line in and sit back and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the bush, or a yarn around the campfire.


Red Sandhills

Watch the sunset from the crest of a magnificent red sand dune while sipping a glass of your favourite wine, then take in the panorama of the starlit sky.


Whitula Gate Museum

Wander through the restored 1900’s slab hut which was built by the Rabbit Board as a boundary hut on Whitula Creek, west of town.


12km Nature Drive

Wind through a diverse range of landscapes between Windorah and Cooper’s Creek, with 45 plants identified and signposted along the way.


The J.C. Ruins

Imagine what life was like in the township of Canterbury while you explore the ruins of the J.C. Hotel and cemetery, 80km west of Windorah.


Solar Farm

On the edge of town five sun mirrored dishes 13.7m across provide daytime electricity to the town, a first for Queensland.


 Information and History Walk

The Information and History walk/drive around the town of Windorah is a great way to learn about the points of interest around the town.  You will learn about the old court house which is now an icon of the town, to discovering the beautifully maintained and unique town cemetery.