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Heart of the Channel Country

Our Vision

Barcoo Shire: Where people, lifestyle, business and the natural environment flourish.

Our Mission

To provide quality lifestyles for the people of our shire by:

  •  Committing to the objectives of our corporate plan
  •  Supporting our communities
  •  Embracing innovation
  •  Creating and taking advantage of opportunities
  •  Being a leader in local government and our region.

Our Priorities 

In carrying out our mission, our priorities are:

  • Our people
  • Our children's future
  • The wellbeing and growth of our communities
  • The responsible and sustainable development of our shire
  • The uniqueness of our shire and the individuality of our towns
  • The integrity of our natural assets
  • Out cultural, social and natural history
  • Education and skills development
  • Responsible governance
  • Regional cooperation

Our Values

How we accomplish our mission is as important as our mission itself. Fundamental to achieving success are the following core values:

  • Quality service: We value integrity and transparency.
  • Excellence: We value the pursuit of excellence by our management and staff.
  • Innovation: We value creativity and innovation as a way of improving our service.
  • Culture: We value maintaining a positive and respectful culture through the way our elected members, staff and community work together.
  • Accountability: We value the importance of being accountable to our community and to the individuals who access our services, programs and facilities.
  • Transparency: We value openness in our dealings and consultation with our community.