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Heart of the Channel Country

Reporting local issues is now a snap. The easiest and most efficient way to notify local councils, utilities or other authorities of issues that need addressing in your community.

Snap Send Solve is a platform that enables authorities and their customers to identify and solve local issues for the benefit of communities.

  • Free to download from the App Store and Google Play, also available online
  • Snap Send Solve makes it easy to report incidents on the spot while eliminating any confusion of where it needs to be reported to
  • Just capture and send the photo of the issue that needs attention from;
    • cracked pavements
    • dumped rubbish
    • water faults

Snap Send Solve makes it easy and therefore encourages communities to report on incidents and makes it easier and more efficient for local councils and other reponsible authorities to act on the reports.

Follow the link on how to download that app.

Snap Send Solve