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Heart of the Channel Country

1. Dowload the Barcoo Shire RADF Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions to assess if you are eligible for funding.

2. Download the Barcoo Shire RADF Application Form and fill in the details. You may wish to refer to FAQ's to ensure information is filled out correctly.

3. Return your completed Barcoo Shire RADF Application Form to the RADF Liaison Officer prior to the round closing date.

Chief Executive Officer
Barcoo Shire Council
PO Box 14
Jundah, QLD 4736

P (07) 4658 6900
F (07) 4658 6955

E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. You will be contacted post RADF Committee General Meeting to advise if your application was successful.

5. Once you/your committee has been contacted - ADVERTISE YOUR ARTS PROGRAM! Please note the requirements in the RADF Guidelines or download a poster example.

6. Immediately after your event, request that participants fill out the Barcoo Shire RADF Activity Survey. This will provide feedback, determine value for money and assist with Barcoo Shire Council's annual bid for funding. Survey's can be forwarded to the RADF Liaison Officer.

7. Download the Barcoo Shire RADF Project Outcome Report, fill in the details and return to the RADF Liaison Officer within 8 weeks of the completion date of your approved program. Please note that this form is compulsary and no further funding can be approved until information is returned.