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Heart of the Channel Country

2020 Barcoo Shire Council Bursary

Barcoo Shire Council is committed to providing educational opportunities for residents within the local region. The Barcoo Shire Bursary is about enhancing opportunities for residents and ultimately improving the quality of life for all in the Queensland Outback.

The Bursary program is an initiative of the Barcoo Shire Council. This program promotes the potential of our shire residents, by giving them a unique opportunity to further their education and skills. The program is open to residents of all ages and may be used for study or training in any chosen field.

Funding Criteria:

  • A resident of the Barcoo Shire Council
  • Not be a past recipient of a Barcoo Shire Bursary
  • Apply as an individual (in exceptional circumstances, consideration may be given to joint applications)
  • A current employee and a course of study as professional development is Category 3 under the old Local Government Industry (Stream A) Award - State 2017, or at Council's discretion.

Applicants for the bursary will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Potential of the applicant's training or study to benefit the Shire and / or regional community
  • Personal ability of the applicant to complete the taining or study and excel in their chosen field
  • Likelihood of the applicant being able to complete the training or study without Barcoo Shire Bursary assistance

Each applicant needs to specify the length of the coourse when applying for the Bursary. 

Recipients need to notify Council in writing of any changes which may occur during the course (eg. deferment of study including the reasons and all associated authorised documentation).

Payment will be autorised and paid each semester upon productioj of satisfactory results. 

Apply for funding:

Applications Close: Monday, 6 January, 2020