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Registration & Identification 

Registration and identification of pets in urban areas is important for the wellbeing of the animal themselves, owner's peace of mind, and to allow Council to plan for future community needs.

Dog registration is an important investment in your pet, providing safety and security as well as assisting council to identify you in case your pet is lost, injured or involved in an incident.

Registration also helps council identify who owns which dogs, how many dogs live in the township and where they live. 

Registration of your dog and/or cat is compulsory

Dog registrations are designed to promote responsible pet ownership. 

All dogs must be registered after 3 months of age or within:

  • 14 days of acquiring the dog
  • 28 days of becoming a new resident of a region

View Animal Registration Form (pdf)


Dog Registration Fees

Entire Dog $54.00
Desexed / QCCC Dog $27.00
Pensioner - Entire Dog $31.00
Pensioner - Desexed / QCCC Dog $15.50

Regulated Dogs

Restricted / Permit Dog $240.00

Cat Registration Fees

Cat Exempt

A 50% discount applies when renewing registration before due date and new animals registered within 14 days of owner becoming a resident.

In order to register your dog you must complete a dog registration form and return it to council with the appropriate fee.

Please notify council of any changes to animal/owner information such as changes to animals, change of address or if you no longer have the animal that is registered with Barcoo Shire Council.

Animals must have a current registration tag affixed to a collar at all times.

A maximum of 2 dogs per house applies. A written application for a permit to house more than 2 dogs can be lodged to council. (You are required to hold a permit if you have more than 2 dogs). Download the application for more than 2 dogs here. 

Impounding of Animals

An authorised person may impound an animal found wandering in a public place or remove a stray animal from private property at the request of the property owner.

A dog deemed to be a threat to the health and safety of people or animals may be seized.

Owners of dogs found to be causing a nuisance or barking excessively may receive written notice from an Authorised Officer to take relevant action to prevent the behaviour.

Responsible Pet Ownership 

Nuisances: Dogs can be classed as a nuisance if it exposes the Health and Safety of others. If it creates a reasonable apprehension in the minds of others to their Health and Safety.

Wandering Dogs: Never allow your dog to wander. Your dog may become lost, stolen, injured or become a nuisance to others.

Barking Dogs: Excessive barking of dogs can be considered a nuisance if it becomes prolonged and constant.

Dangerous Dogs: Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs. Owners must ensure their dogs pose no threat to the health and safety of other people and/or animals.

Prohibited Dogs: American Pit Bull, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa

Your Responsibilities

  • Ensure your dog is registered at 12 weeks of age
  • Don't allow your dog to wander
  • Don't allow your dog to bark excessively
  • Keep your dog under control when walking
  • Ensure your dog is not a threat to the Health & Safety of others
  • Give your dog plenty of exercise

Contact Information

For further information please contact your Land Protection Officer:

Emily Jellie
Barcoo Shire Council
Phone: (07) 4658 6937
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.