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Heart of the Channel Country

Contracts Awarded - 2018/19

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
T12-2018 Fuel Dispensing Facility Engineering Mining Petroleum Pty Ltd $404,545.00
T01-2017/18 Bitumen Surfacing Works Road Surfaces Group Pty Ltd $510,328.00
T18-2018/19 Hire of 8 Rollers for a minimum of 6 months Hastings Deering $233,050.40

Contracts Awarded - 2019/20

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
T03-2019/20 Flood Damage Works Durack Civil $678,745.98
T21-2019/20 Winning of Gravel Champion Contracting $213,248.86
T22-2019/20 Flood Warning Gauges    Prospect Group  Pty Ltd $647,069.00

Contracts Awarded - 2020/21

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
T03-2020/21 Flood Restoration Works & the Construction of Reinforced Concrete Structures Gulf Civil Pty Ltd $3,879,161.59
T04-2020/21 Winning Screening Crushing & Stockpiling of Pavement & Rock Material Champion Contracting $1,198,070.00
T05-2020/21 Construction of new Water Treatment Plant at Windorah SNG Constructions Pty Ltd $1,928,016.00
T08-2020/21 Flood Restoration Works – Works Package FD2 Suffren & Moore Civil Pty Ltd $2,714,009.79
VPR378082 Caterpillar 150M Grader Hastings Deering Australia Ltd $297,880.00
VPR210777 Supply Truck & Side Load Rubbish Compactor Garwood International Pty Ltd $256,237.78

Contracts Awarded - 2021/22

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
VPR452422 2021 Hino FM2635 Honeycombes Sales & Services Pty Ltd  $239,745.06
VP279607 5 x LC Military GXL 4.5L Dual Cab Landcruiser  Longreach Toyota $400,188.46
Q007945 Tri Axle Drop Deck Trailer – 3.5 Widner                         FWR Pty Ltd                                              $212,500.00 

Contracts Awarded - 2022/23

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
VPR542011 Dual Cab Trucks  Honeycombes Sales & Services Pty Ltd  $329,799.82
VPR537711 Loader with Quick Hitch                                         Hastings Deering                                            $347,400.00
VPR543758 Cat 150 Joy3 Motorgrader                                      Hastings Deering                                            $559,400.00 

In accordance with Chapter 6, Part 4, Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Barcoo Shire Council is required to publish the above information for contracts awarded that are worth $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST).