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Heart of the Channel Country

Contracts Awarded - 2018/19

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
T12-2018 Fuel Dispensing Facility Engineering Mining Petroleum Pty Ltd $404,545.00
T01-2017/18 Bitumen Surfacing Works Road Surfaces Group Pty Ltd $510,328.00
T18-2018/19 Hire of 8 Rollers for a minimum of 6 months Hastings Deering $233,050.40

Contracts Awarded - 2019/20

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
T03-2019/20 Flood Damage Works Durack Civil $678,745.98
T21-2019/20 Winning of Gravel Champion Contracting $213,248.86
T22-2019/20 Flood Warning Gauges    Prospect Group  Pty Ltd $647,069.00

Contracts Awarded - 2020/21

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
T03-2020/21 Flood Restoration Works & the Construction of Reinforced Concrete Structures Gulf Civil Pty Ltd $3,879,161.59
T04-2020/21 Winning Screening Crushing & Stockpiling of Pavement & Rock Material Champion Contracting $1,198,070.00
T05-2020/21 Construction of new Water Treatment Plant at Windorah SNG Constructions Pty Ltd $1,928,016.00
T08-2020/21 Flood Restoration Works – Works Package FD2 Suffren & Moore Civil Pty Ltd $2,714,009.79
VPR378082 Caterpillar 150M Grader Hastings Deering Australia Ltd $297,880.00
VPR210777 Supply Truck & Side Load Rubbish Compactor Garwood International Pty Ltd $256,237.78

Contracts Awarded - 2021/22

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
VPR452422 2021 Hino FM2635 Honeycombes Sales & Services Pty Ltd  $239,745.06
VP279607 5 x LC Military GXL 4.5L Dual Cab Landcruiser  Longreach Toyota $400,188.46
Q007945 Tri Axle Drop Deck Trailer – 3.5 Widner                         FWR Pty Ltd                                              $212,500.00 

Contracts Awarded - 2022/23

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
VPR542011 Dual Cab Trucks   Honeycombes Sales & Services Pty Ltd  $329,799.82
VPR537711 Loader with Quick Hitch                                         Hastings Deering                                            $347,400.00
VPR543758 Cat 150 Joy3 Motorgrader                                      Hastings Deering                                            $559,400.00 
VP344742 Jundah Transportable Houses  Oly Homes  $1,555,689.67

Contracts Awarded - 2023/24

DateContract DescriptionContractorValue (Excl.GST)
15/09/23 Grader   Hastings Deering $596,950
27/09/23 Backhoe                                         Hastings Deering                                            $266,180
09/02/24 Skid Steer with Loader                                    Hastings Deering                                            $203,922
01/03/24 Tri-Axle Drip Deck                                    FWR PTY LTD                                          $225,550
VP394741 Dry hire of 8 x rollers  Tutt Bryant Pty Ltd                                           $563,474
June 2023  Road stabilisation services     Stabilised Pavements of Australia $1,617,470
VP383117  Full Service Bituminous Surfacing    Boral Resources                                             $1,354,194
November 2023 Bitumen Surfacing works  Boral Resources (Qld) $1,354,194
November 2023 Flood restoration works  Moore Civil & Plant Hire $456,869
November 2023 Detailed design of new Jundah WTP  City Water Technology $294,220

In accordance with Chapter 6, Part 4, Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Barcoo Shire Council is required to publish the above information for contracts awarded that are worth $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST).