Council is in the process of reviewing its local laws and subordinate local laws to identify possible anti-competitive provisions and undertake a public interest test in relation to each proposed local law and subordinate local which contains a possible anti-competitive provision.

Council invites you to make submissions in relation to the proposed local laws and subordinate local laws by Monday, 20 February 2012.

Refer to the Public interest testing of local laws and subordinate local laws information on the Community Consultation page to participate in the review process.

The Barcoo Shire is considering making a recommendation to the Government, to have the Barcoo Shire included as an eligible Shire for primary producers and small business operators to receive assistance under the above program.

Council would appreciate hearing from any property owners, small businesses, rural contractors and persons involved in the macropod and wild game harvesting industries in the Shire who have experienced damage to property assets including livestock, fences, dams, roads, buildings and fittings, machinery and equipment or loss of income as a result of the recent rain event (March 3 to March 6) and subsequent flooding.

Council will collate the information supplied with a view to submitting a recommendation to the Government for Special Disaster Flood Assistance under this Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements Declaration.

Please contact the Administration Office by phone 07 4658 6900, fax 07 4658 6137, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your co-operation be would greatly appreciate. If any person requiring information or has any queries please contact Robert J O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer.

Ingenero Pty Ltd and Barcoo Shire Council have signed up for the first Ingenero 2010 Solar Challenge project. The challenge aims to have 20 Councils producing 100% renewable energy by 2010.

Anne Kidd accepts the I-Stat machine from Carolyn GorringeOn behalf of the Windorah Primary Health Centre, I would like to thank the Local Ambulance Committee Windorah, for their hard and tireless fundraising efforts enabling the purchase an I-Stat machine.

The I-Stat machine will be of great benefit to the community and health centre especially during emergencies when certain pathology results are required urgently to decide on which treatment is offered and delivered.

Caption: Anne Kidd (Director of Nursing Windorah PHC) accepts the I-Stat machine from Carolyn Gorringe (Treasurer of Local Ambulance Committee Windorah)

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